Michael M LeStrange, William H Watson, Richard C Raven deceased: Game machine accounting and monitoring system. Bally Gaming International, Jenner & Block, November 28, 1995: US05470079 (651 worldwide citation)

A gaming machine accounting and monitoring system includes a plurality of accumulative, non-resettable accounting meters and an event processor for sensing game activity at the gaming machine and updating the accounting meters in response thereto. The system also includes separate game credit meters ...

William H Watson: Video disc with multiturn undulating storage track. Zenith Radio Corporation, Cornelius J O Connor, January 6, 1976: US03931460 (27 worldwide citation)

A video disc has a storage track formed of half wavelength pits alternating with lands. The track has a series of turns, individually of a generally circular path but undulating symmetrically about that path. The undulations of the several turns have such relative phase that the turns are in nested ...

William H Watson: Display carton blank. Container Corporation of America, Richard W Carpenter, Davis Chin, August 2, 1983: US04396115 (22 worldwide citation)

A blank of foldable paperboard cut and scored to provide integral carton-forming and divider-forming sections which are detachably secured to each other.


William H Watson, John E Straw: Bi-level dual cell carton. Container Corporation of America, Richard W Carpenter, Davis Chin, October 4, 1983: US04407442 (10 worldwide citation)

A tubular carton structure having a pair of adjacent cells of different heights and side wall extension disposed over both of the cells.