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An improved interrogator for an inductively coupled identification system is disclosed. The interrogator provides a multidimensional electromagnetic field through a plurality of coils aligned relative to each other. The coils provide a rotating magnetic field having approximately constant amplitude ...

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Improvements are described in the injection of ammonia (NH.sub.3) into the exhaust gases of an engine to reduce nitrogen oxides. Instead of merely injecting ammonia into the exhaust gas conduit through a hole in its side, an ammonia injector (90) is provided that projects considerably into the exhau ...

William H Ward: Tandem pump and interface for same. Hydro Gear Partnership, Altheimer & Gray, December 17, 2002: US06494686 (46 worldwide citation)

A tandem pump comprising first and second pumps connected by an interface. An interface for connecting an end cap of a first pump to a housing of a second pump. An interface kit for connecting two pumps in axial alignment to form a tandem pump.

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A pair of substantially mirror image, zero-turn, hydrostatic transaxles (HZTs) that may be joined to form an integrated, zero-turn, hydrostatic transaxle. The control arm and brake mechanism associated with the HZTs can be mounted on either the inboard or outboard side of the HZT casing. In one embo ...

William H Ward: Anchoring device. October 25, 1994: US05358209 (35 worldwide citation)

An anchoring device for use on the shaft of a beach umbrella or the like, including a conical member that tapers to a rounded point and around which is spirally wound a constant pitch asymmetric buttress-type thread whose upper surface is perpendicular to the long axis of the conical member.

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Data stored in an electronic memory is accessed by search electronics which permit identification and access to a selected memory location in response to a serial search character input. As each search character is input to the system, a search is made through the memory file to determine whether on ...

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A control for a batch bin and a continuous loss bin system having a separate weight measuring device for each bin whose sum at transfer is used to establish continuously digitally desired weights at fixed intervals to be compared with the actual weight in the continuous loss bin to provide an error ...

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Container closure spout construction, e.g. for incorporation in a metal drum container, including a container wall portion having a spout aperture, and a closure spout member having a peripheral substantially transversely extending flange portion and, preferably integral therewith, an intermediate s ...

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An interlocking hanging system including a mounting bracket which may be secured to a supporting structure, a support panel which attaches to and hangs from the mounting bracket, and one or more article holders, such as hooks or trays, which attach to and hang from the support panel. The support pan ...

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A control device for hydrostatic apparatus is disclosed. One embodiment in the control device is optimized for use with a hydrostatic transmission having a casing. The control arm is movably mounted to the casing and frictional structure engages the control arm to resist rotational movement of the c ...