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A precision liquid level sensor utilizes a balanced R. F. bridge, each arm including an air dielectric line. Changes in liquid level along one air dielectric line imbalance the bridge and create a voltage which is directly measurable across the bridge.

William H Sullivan: Locking clips for security wallets and the like. Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, December 9, 1980: US04237583 (12 worldwide citation)

A security wallet be attached to the waistband of a person's garment for disposition between the person's body and the garment is securely but detachably mounted to the waistband by a locking device comprising an inverted U-shaped clip, at least one latch member on said clip interiorly thereof havin ...

William H Sullivan, Marjorie Jamieson: Specimen holder for holding specimen stubs to be coated in an ion-beam sputter coating unit. Hoechst Celanese Corporation, Lynch Cox Gilman & Mahan, May 17, 1988: US04745297 (3 worldwide citation)

A specimen holder for use in an ion beam sputter coating machine to prepare a specimen placed on a specimen stub for analysis by a scanning electron microscope. The specimen holder is comprised of two planar members, each containing a plurality of openings sufficient in size to hold a specimen stub, ...

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Metal lamp bases for electric lamps fabricated from certain relatively high copper and low zinc content copper alloys and lamps employing same are resistant to cracking in corrosive environments.