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An imaging module in one embodiment includes at least one multiple color emitting light source comprising a plurality of different colored LED dies each independently driveable so that the overall color emitted by the light source can be controlled and varied. The multiple color emitting light sourc ...

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An optical assembly for use with optoelectronic readers. An imaging optical assembly having an imaging optical axis forms an image of a two-dimensional region on an optoelectronic imaging device. An aiming pattern generator including at least a point-like aiming light source and an interferometric p ...

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A hand-held optical reader for reading 2D bar code symbols. The reader includes an illuminating system for illuminating the symbol and an optical system for focusing an image thereof on a 2D image sensor. The image sensor is of the type which allows its imaging parameters, such as exposure, to be co ...

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A low profile optical unit for use in a 2D bar code reader. A vertically disposed light redirecting panel having contoured reflective openings therein is mounted in the front of the unit and an LED behind the panel. Light emitting diodes for illuminating a target are mounted on the LED board behind ...

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An array of reflectors is arranged to approximately match the arrangement of a two-dimensional array of LEDs such as used in a 2-D bar code scanner. Each reflector has at least one reflecting wall for reflecting light from a respective LED, thus increasing the amount of LED light illuminating the ta ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for detecting bar-space and space-bar transitions in a bar code symbol. A sequence of sparsely sampled analog signals from a photodetector in a bar code scanner is representative of the reflectance pattern of a symbol.

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There is provided in one embodiment an indicia reading terminal that can execute a spatial measurement mode of operation in which the indicia reading terminal can determine a dimension of an article in a field of view of the indicia reading terminal and/or determine other spatial information. In det ...

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The operating depth of field for a bar code scanner, preferably a laser scanner, is increased by placing a cubic phase mask (CPM) in the scanning beam. The masked beam is then scanned and reflected off a bar code and received by a photodetector. The received signal is then processed to recover the o ...

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A bar code detection circuit accepts as input the discretized analog output of a CCD array, and performs piecewise linear reconstruction to produces a continuous polylinear output signal. In the region of a bar/space transition, the output signal is a close approximation of the reflectance function ...

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There is disclosed an simplified apparatus that enables optical scanners to achieve minimum field curvature and at the same time provide uniformly distributed light on an image sensor. A single element lens, preferably an aspherical lens made of a plastic material is combined with an aperture stop. ...