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A system for communicating a programming data stream and a data stream containing pieces of local content data that are going to be inserted into a local content space in the programming data stream at some predetermined time is provided in which the programming data stream and the local content dig ...

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Disclosed is a valve configuration including a spring balanced, semi buoyant valve head containing within it a ball in a vertical channel. Closure of the valve head against a valve seat permits the escape of vapors through the veritcal channel until the presence of liquid fuel closes the ball agains ...

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A valve activated by inserting a fuel nozzle in a fuel tank fill line allows hydrocarbon vapors from the tank to be displaced into an adsorbent canister. The valve closes when nozzle is withdrawn. The valve prevents loss of liquid when fuel tank is accidentally inverted. '

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A method for controlling a dynamometer used to simulate the on-road operation of a vehicle during testing on a dynamometer so as to achieve a more accurate matching of the on-road speed profile of the vehicle by the dynamometer. The dynamometer includes means for drivingly connecting the dynamometer ...

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A method of evaluating perceptual visual quality (PVQ) of compressed video bit streams in the H.262 or H.264 formats without performing block transforms or prediction decodes I-frames within a group of pictures (GOP). DC and AC coefficients are determined for selected macroblocks within a selected o ...