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A portable hand-held remote control unit device is disclosed which may be utilized for selecting designated functions in a plurality of remotely controllable multimedia processing units. Multiple user selectable screen objects may be created from a general purpose computer and transferred to the rem ...

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We disclose methods and means for separating gaseous materials including vaporized moisture and for regenerating the gas separator or absorbent used for this purpose. We also disclose methods and means for separating a contaminant liquid from the aforementioned or other fluid systems and for regener ...

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A method and apparatus for monitoring stations from a monitoring terminal wherein at least one of the monitored stations is served by a different switch than that serving the monitoring station. Changes of status are reported by a monitored station to the switch serving the monitored station and, if ...

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An automatic battery charger of taper type has means for comparing a reference signal with a control signal varying with battery voltage, and terminating the charge when the rate of rise of battery voltage falls below a predetermined value. To prevent spurious operation due to mains voltage variatio ...

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Automatic battery charging apparatus in which a control signal is generated by subtracting a signal representing a fraction of the mains supply voltage from the battery voltage so that the control signal represents the state of charge of the battery irrespective of variations in the mains voltage. T ...

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An apparatus, method and system are provided for hand-off of a communication session utilizing directed call pick up with barge-in, in which the communication session of a mobile unit is transferred from a serving base station to a target base station. The preferred system includes a switch coupled ...

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A method of controlling the manufacture of false twist textured yarn characterised by adjusting non-isothermally in a closed loop the heat flux taken up by the yarn in tension to a specific yarn dyeability. Adjustment can be achieved by feeding back the output of a direct-acting yarn texture sensor ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for fabrication of textiles. The method includes the step of passing a yarn or product along a path through a device. The method also includes applying a rotation force to the yarn or product with at least one jet of liquid directed by the device.

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A method and system for fuel rail compensation in a returnless electronic fuel pump arrangement provides modification of fuel pulsewidth based on measured or inferred rail temperature. The present invention applies fuel pulsewidth control modifiers to enlarge the fuel pulse to increase the quantity ...

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A valve structure comprises an elongated housing having a passage extending therethrough, and a control member mounted in the passage for rectilinear movement with respect to the housing. The housing has a plurality of spaced valve ports extending therethrough in communication with the housing passa ...