William F Baer: Counter-flow buffer and cleaner. Poms Smith Lande & Rose, August 24, 1993: US05237778 (33 worldwide citation)

A buffer/cleaner for objects such as jewelry or coins includes a bowl for holding the objects. The bowl also holds a treatment material consisting preferably of a carrier material. The carrier material may be granular, a powder, fibers, etc., and may be pre- or post-treated with a chemical buffing o ...

William F Baer: Multiple jet eductor. Emmette R Holman, August 23, 1983: US04400138 (19 worldwide citation)

An improved multiple jet eductor assembly is described consisting of two parts:

William F Baer: Structure leveling device. Jack C Munro, June 6, 1989: US04836501 (18 worldwide citation)

A structure leveling device designed primarily to be utilized for recreational vehicles which is constructed of an integral plastic member having an upper surface which is divided into a plurality of levels of different heights. This structure leveling device is constructed in a manner to safely sup ...

William F Baer: Unitary plastic filter plate including expandable skins and plastic foam core. September 30, 1997: US05672272 (14 worldwide citation)

A filter plate which is formed in a molding operation and comprises an outer frame with integrally formed, relatively thin chamber forming walls or skins and which has an injected foam interior core. The filter plate is substantially constructed of plastic materials which are capable of being molded ...