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A device (40) for patterning an imaging member (46) is provided. The device (40) comprises a light source (42) which emits light rays (44). Light rays (44) pass through a collimator (45) to collimate the light rays (48). The light then strikes a spatial light modulator (50) which is controlled by a ...

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A method of resetting deflectable pixels of a spatial light modulator is disclosed. A pulse train of voltage is applied to the device to cause it to mobe from its deflected position.

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A linear spatial light modulator with two offset rows of pixels for slight overlap of images, and a printer system using such a spatial light modulator with dark field projection optics is disclosed. The pixels include electrostatically deflectable elements which all bend in the same direction to pe ...

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An image projection system for producing a projected image in response to electrical signals which represent the image to be projected. The projection system includes input capability to produce electrical signals in response to an image to be projected. These electrical signals are then transmitted ...

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A device for steering light and its method of manufacture are disclosed. The device in the preferred embodiment consists of a multi-layer structure on a substrate. The substrate contains at least one electrode (36) for addressing a deflectable element (16) causing it to deflect towards the activated ...

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Techniques for achieving high resolution, high-speed gray scale printing with binary spatial light modulators. A spatial light modulator array is divided into subarrays, and the subarrays are illuminated at various levels (510, 512, 514, 516) of a modulated light source. Additionally, each pixel (52 ...

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A resonant mirror is disclosed which comprises a deflectable mirror generally planar with the stop surface of a substrate. The mirror is suspended adjacent the top surface by at least two supporting elements. At least one supporting element is displaced from an edge of the mirror. The supporting ele ...

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A semiconductor device comprises a plurality of groups of colored mirrors controllable by electronic circuitry. Each group of colored mirrors absorb or reflect specified wavelengths of visible light. The electronic signals control the pathways on which each individual mirror reflect incident light. ...

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A method for printing or exposing photosensitive media is disclosed herein. The method uses standard spatial light modulators with standard addressing circuitry. The data is written to the device for the first row, the photosensitive media is exposed to the light reflected from the device, and the d ...

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A stereolithographic apparatus is disclosed comprising a vat, a working surface in the vat, an elevating mechanism for controlling the level of liquid within the vat relative to the working surface, an illumination source for emitting radiation, and an area array deformable mirror device. The illumi ...