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Topically relevant objects in an object database are first identified using any generally known methods to obtain a set of topically relevant objects (topically relevant set). Parents, and in alternative embodiments other ancestors, of one or more of the topically relevant objects are identified acc ...

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Novel burst-free, sustained release biocompatible and biodegrable microcapsules which can be programmed to release their active core for variable durations ranging from 1-100 days in an aqueous physiological environment. The microcapsules are comprised of a core of polypeptide or other biologically ...

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A system and method is disclosed for performing Automatic Stream Analysis for Broadcast Information which takes speech audio as input, converts the audio stream into text using a speech recognition system, applies a variety of analyzers to the text stream to identify information elements, automatica ...

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The present invention is a system, method, and program product that comprises a computer with a collection of documents to be searched. The documents contain free form (natural language) text. We define a set of labels called QA-Tokens, which function as abstractions of phrases or question-types. We ...

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The present invention provides a system and method to efficiently generate and switch page display views on a portable electronic book. The method includes generating an ebook binary file including a plurality of book views, each of the plurality of book views including information needed to generat ...

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A computer system has a document collection of one or more documents and one or more indexes that each include an inverted file with one or more terms. Each of the terms is associated with one or more document identifiers. The index further includes a document catalog that associates each of the doc ...

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A thin gas distribution plate is provided, consistent with requirements for mechanical rigidity and strength. The gas distribution plate has sufficiently low mass to permit rapid heating to an equilibrium temperature as determined by radiated heat loss. The gas distribution plate has a thinner centr ...

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A thermal vaporizer for a liquid formulation comprising a volatile active, a container for said vaporizer and a thermal vaporizer assembly. The vaporizer (A) comprises a housing (

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A method for edge finishing glass sheets. Glass sheets are separated into desired sizes, after which the edges of the glass sheets are finished using first grinding wheels to grind the edges, followed by polishing wheels to round off the ground edges by contacting and moving the edges of the glass s ...

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A machine is provided for customizing a cosmetic product at point of sale to a customer. The dispensing machine of the invention includes a mechanism for receiving operating instructions about a customer's optimal formula; a series of dispensers each containing a different cosmetic composition; a me ...