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A cable includes an electrical conductor, a first insulating jacket disposed adjacent the electrical conductor and having a first relative permittivity, and a second insulating jacket disposed adjacent the first insulating jacket and having a second relative permittivity that is less than the first ...

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A description of a cable for connection to sensors permanently downhole is provided, the cable comprising a plurality of elongate conductors capable of operative connection to sensors, a sheath surrounding the elongate conductors and holding the conductors so as to extend substantially parallel to a ...

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A heating and distributed-temperature-sensor cable permanently fixed in a wellbore that permits known amounts of heat to be introduced to subsurface formations and improved temperature measurement thereof. The heat is introduced into a target zone of the wellbore by forming the cable in two sections ...

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A cable for data transmission comprising a core comprising at least one energy transmission line; a jacket enclosing the core; armor strands wound around the jacket; and an embedding elastic structure, surrounding the jacket and designed to receive the armor strands. The cable may be manufactured as ...

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A cable that has a longitudinal axis and includes four insulated primary conductors which extend along the cable and define interstices between adjacent primary conductors. At least one insulated secondary conductor has a wire gauge smaller than the primary conductors and extends about the longitudi ...

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Disclosed are durable corrosion resistant wellbore electrical cables including a coated electrical conductor, a polymeric protective layer for trapping coating flakes, a first insulating jacket disposed adjacent to the polymeric protective layer and having a first relative permittivity. A second ins ...

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An electrical cable includes a first layer, a second layer, and a tie layer, disposed between the first layer and the second layer, for bonding the first layer to the second layer. A method of making an electrical cable includes applying a tie layer to an inner layer, the tie layer being miscible wi ...

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Sensors are permanently placed in the ground near observation and injection wells in order to passively and continuously monitor the status of seawater advance toward fresh water aquifers near coastal cities as well as the status of fresh water injected into the injection wells. Such sensor devices ...

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An electrical cable having a polymeric inner layer enclosing a cable core, and a polymeric outer layer enclosing the cable core and the inner layer. The outer layer operable to maintain integrity of the cable within a predetermined temperature range.

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A dual use cable includes at least one fiber optic cable encased in a metallic component that is encased in a layer of polymer material. The polymer material is surrounded by a tube or armor wire strength members embedded in one or two additional polymer material layers. A final assembly can include ...