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The device relates to a mask worn over a wearer's face for air filtration. The mask has an inturned lip that forms a seal on the edge of the mask with the wearer's face. The mask also has at least two other contact surfaces, internal to the edge seal, which vary in length to increase the seal integr ...

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A disposable dust respirator which is self-opening and extends away from the mouth to provide more comfortable use.

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An optical fiber sensing system for detecting intrusion of optical fiber or optical fiber cables includes an interferometric arrangement. Two ports (28, 30) of a four port splitter (25) are connected to a source (26) of optical power such as a laser, for example, and to a detector (32). The other tw ...

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Disclosed is a system and method for converting modes in an optical network. Briefly described, the system comprises an optical pathway extending from an exit face of a single-mode waveguide to an entrance face of a multimode waveguide. A first ball lens and second ball lens are located in the optic ...

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A cable trough and system for routing and managing cables associated with equipment that has first cable ports at a first side of the equipment and second cable ports at a second side of the equipment. The trough includes an elongated trough body having a ported side wall constructed to mount at eit ...

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An optical fiber is permanently routed easily, quickly, and unobtrusively at a customer premises using an inventive hand tool, without staples or other fasteners. The fiber has an adhesive outer coating that is activated as the fiber is applied by the tool on an exposed surface such as a wall, ceili ...

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An optical fiber cable connector includes a ferrule with a guide hole that is shaped to closely receive a multicore fiber having a flat side indicative of the rotational orientation of the cores of the multicore fiber. The ferrule includes a flat surface at one side of the guide hole, corresponding ...

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Embodiments of the invention include a hardened connector system. The connector system includes a connector plug for terminating an optical fiber, a plug housing for coupling to the optical fiber cable and the connector plug, and a translator for coupling the plug housing and the connector plug to a ...

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Apparatus for storing slack fiber optic cabling. A cabinet enclosure has an opening for allowing access to cabling and other components inside the enclosure, and a number of spool tracks are supported inside the enclosure. Each of a number of cable spool assemblies includes a spool dimensioned to gu ...

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A cable management cabinet is improved by separately managing the routing of data copper cables and optical fiber cables within the cabinet. This is accomplished by providing separate cable retaining boxes (CRBs) for data copper cables and optical fiber cables respectively. The CRBs are provided wit ...