Wilhelmus C M Lohbeck: Method of completing an uncased section of a borehole. Shell Oil Company, November 22, 1994: US05366012 (450 worldwide citation)

Method of completing an uncased section (10) of a borehole (1) in an underground formation (2) comprising the steps of:

Robert N Worrall, Wilhelmus C M Lohbeck, Paul R Choate, Martin Donnelly: Method of creating a wellbore in an underground formation. Shell Oil Company, September 20, 1994: US05348095 (284 worldwide citation)

A method of creating a wellbore in an underground formation is provided. A borehole is drilled in the underground formation, whereafter a casing of a ductile material is lowered into the borehole. The casing is selected to have a smaller elastic radial deformation than the surrounding formation when ...

Wilhelmus C M Lohbeck: Method for transporting and installing and expandable steel tubular. Shell Internationale Research Maatschuppij, sun zheng, December 5, 2001: CN99812874

A method for expanding an expandable steel tubular comprises the steps of: flattening the unexpanded tubular; transporting the flattened unexpanded tubular to a location at or near the site where the tubular is to be installed; unflattening the tubular before positioning the tubular at said site; an ...

Daljit S Gill, Wilhelmus C M Lohbeck, Robert B Stewart: Method of creating casing in borehole. Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij, MA JIANGLI, February 25, 1998: CN96191468

The invention relates to a method of creating a casing in a borehole formed in an underground formation. The method comprises the steps of (a) installing a tubular liner (11) in the borehole (1), the liner being radially expandable in the borehole whereby the liner in its radially expanded position ...