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Previous coated abrasives with adhesives suited to rapid, UV light initiated cure often had intractable curl problems. Therefore, such coated abrasives have been unsuited to precision finishing of workpieces with strict flatness or other curvature requirements, such as read-write heads for magnetic ...

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Coated abrasive material for fine finishing applications including second fining ophthalmic application, having patterned surface coating of abrasive grains dispersed in radiation-cured adhesive binder. The patterned surface coating is defined by a plurality of formations of such abrasive/binder eac ...

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A coated abrasive which is advantageous for certain applications has at least two distinct layers of abrasive grits: a coarse outer layer and a finer inner layer. The median particle size of the grits in the outer layer is at least 150% of that of the inner layer grits. The grits may be adhered to t ...

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A single step fining pad for use in a ophthalmic applications having radiation cured maker and size coats of different hardnesses.