Wentorf Jr Robert H, Rocco William A: Diamond tools for machining. General Electric Company, July 17, 1973: US3745623 (438 worldwide citation)

Diamond tools and superpressure processes for the preparation thereof are described wherein the diamond content is present either in the form of a mass comprising diamond crystals bonded to each other or of a thin skin of diamond crystals bonded to each other. In each instance the diamond content is ...

Wentorf Jr Robert H, Rocco William A: Cubic boron nitride/sintered carbide abrasive bodies. General Electric Company, October 23, 1973: US3767371 (155 worldwide citation)

Abrasive bodies comprising combinations of cubic boron nitride crystals and sintered carbide are disclosed. These composite bodies are prepared by superpressure processes. Cubic boron nitride contents of up to about 99 volume percent have been successfully employed in certain constructions. Similar ...

Wentorf Jr Robert H: Process for preparation of high pressure apparatus reaction vessel construction. General Electric Company, Cohen Joseph T, MaLossi Leo I, Squillaro Jerome C, November 26, 1974: US3850591 (53 worldwide citation)

An improved reaction vessel construction for the compaction of a mass of dense, strong particles e.g. diamond is disclosed. This improved construction embodies a mechanically unstable structural system to prevent the formation of pressure-supporting geometries within or encircling the mass.

Wentorf Jr Robert H, Rocco William A: Catalyst systems for synthesis of cubic boron nitride. General Electric Company, Binkowski Jane M, Cohen Joseph T, Squillaro Jerome C, November 11, 1975: US3918219 (51 worldwide citation)

Certain aluminum alloys have been found to be effective catalysts for the synthesis of cubic boron nitride from hexagonal boron nitride. Nickel/aluminum and cobalt/aluminum alloys in particular are very effective catalysts. Composite cubic boron nitride/cemented carbide tool inserts have been prepar ...

Wentorf Jr Robert H, Rocco William A: Composite wire drawing die. General Electric Company, MaLossi Leo I, Cohen Joseph T, Squillaro Jerome C, August 27, 1974: US3831428 (49 worldwide citation)

Composite wire drawing die construction is described in which a centrally-located mass of diamond, cubic boron nitride or a polycrystalline mixture thereof defines at least the throat of the wire drawing hole, the mass being flanked or girded by at least one mass of metal bonded carbide that is dire ...