Wen H Hsu, Jeng D Yang: Method and device for allocating core points of finger prints. Wen Hsing Hsu, Ladas & Parry, August 18, 1992: US05140642 (111 worldwide citation)

A method to automatically find out the actual position of the core point of a finger print by using the characteristic of the ridge flow of finger prints. This method comprises three parts: (1) ridge flow finding algorithm, (2) ridge flow correction algorithm and (3) core point allocation algorithm.

Wen H Hsu, Chen Chieh Chien: Automatic planar point pattern matching device and the matching method thereof. Bacon & Thomas, February 21, 1995: US05392367 (15 worldwide citation)

Matching probability among planar point patterns is calculated by a mating probability calculating device to decide the corresponding relationship therebetween and the best point matching is then selected by a mating point selecting device. The similarity therebetween is computed by a similarity cal ...