Wen Ching Wang: Inflatable article with an illuminating device. Baker & Botts L, March 11, 1997: US05609411 (60 worldwide citation)

An inflatable ball includes a gas tight hollow body and an illuminating device. The device includes a mounting seat body having a base sealingly and integrally bonded to the wall of the hollow body and an inwardly extending light housing which confines a space hermetically sealed from the inflatable ...

Wen Ching Wang: Light-detector, hand-controlled faucet with water temperature regulator. Asian Pacific Internat Patent & Trademark Office, July 21, 1987: US04681141 (57 worldwide citation)

A faucet which uses a light detector to control the faucet as a matter of convenience and for conserving water, and which uses a manual control at power failure when the light detector is not operative so that a supply of water is available at any time from the faucet.

Wen Ching Wang: Headwear with a one-piece crown portion. Lackenbach Siegel, December 12, 2000: US06158053 (12 worldwide citation)

A headwear includes a crown portion and a brim connected to the crown portion. The crown portion is formed as a one-piece molded body which is flexible while having a measure of rigidity to maintain the shape of the crown portion. The molded body is made of an elastomeric material, and has a looped ...

Wen Ching Wang: Inflatable article with an illuminating device. Baker & Botts L, September 23, 1997: US05669702 (10 worldwide citation)

An inflatable article includes a rounded wall that encloses a first space. An illuminating device is mounted inside the rounded wall and occupies a portion of the first space. The device includes a base bonded sealingly and integrally to the rounded wall. The base confines a second space hermeticall ...

Wen Ching Wang: Ball exerciser. Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, February 5, 2008: US07326158 (7 worldwide citation)

A ball exerciser includes a deformable rolling body having an outer surrounding wall surface and at least one lateral mount wall, a rigid stationary coupling member secured to the lateral mount wall and having a stationary coupling end distal from the lateral mount wall, a movable coupling member ha ...

Wen Ching Wang: Exercise apparatus. Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, November 15, 2005: US06964635 (5 worldwide citation)

An exercise apparatus includes a ball body having inner and outer skins, a coupling member having an anchoring part disposed between the inner and outer skins and an engaging part connected to the anchoring part, and a grip member having a handle part disposed exteriorly of the ball body and a faste ...

Wen Ching Wang: Exercise-cord anchored device. Banner & Witcoff, July 2, 2013: US08475345 (2 worldwide citation)

An exercise-cord anchored device is used to detachably secure an anchoring end of an elastic cord, and includes an anchored mount, a biasing member, and a tubular insert. The anchored mount has an inner tubular wall defining an insert opening and having an inserting route, a seat, and a rest wall. T ...

Wen Ching Wang: Safety elastic rope. Banner & Witcoff, November 9, 2010: US07827895 (2 worldwide citation)

A safety elastic rope includes an elastic outer tubular rope having two longitudinally opposite first fixing ends, and an elastic inner rope inserted into the outer tubular rope and having two longitudinally opposite second fixing ends. The inner rope is more elastic than the outer tubular rope, and ...

Wen Ching Wang: Pull cord assembly for body stretching exercise. Wen Ching Wang, Banner & Witcoff, January 31, 2012: US08105215 (1 worldwide citation)

A pull cord assembly for body stretching exercise includes an elastic cord member and a strand-like protective member. The elastic cord member has an elastic cord body which extends along a lengthwise axis to terminate at two anchored ends. The strand-like protective member has a strand-like body wh ...