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Selective suppression of B-lymphocytes in mammals is accomplished by treatment with an adequate amount of antibody to a mature B-lymphocyte surface marker.

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This invention describes carrier-drug conjugates prepared from disulfide analogs of the calicheamicin family of potent antitumor antibiotics and their derivatives, as well as similar analogs from related antitumor antibiotics such as the esperamicins. The carrier can be an antibody, growth factor, o ...

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26,21 ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This disclosure describes novel 15-deoxy-16- -hydroxy-16-substituted prostanoic acids and congenersthereof having utility as brochodilators as hypotensiveagents, and as agents for the control of excessive gastricsecretion.




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A B S T R A C THydroxy substituted 15-deoxy prostanoic acids and derivatives there-of, having the general formula Imagewherein R1, R2, R3, Y and Z are as defined herein, and their pharmaceuticallyacceptable salts, constitute a new series of compounds related to the prostag-landins and possessing man ...


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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Novel 4-hydroxy-cyclopentenone derivatives of the generalformula Imagewherein p is from 3 to 5 and J is hydrogen, tetrahydropyranyl or tri-lower alkylsilyl, are prostaglandin intermediates and are prepared byreacting the corresponding free carboxylic acid derivative of 3,4 ...