Barron Benjamin, Weiss Ernest: Sonar transmitter system. Lear Siegler, November 23, 1971: US3622960 (6 worldwide citation)

A transmitter arrangement for a sonar active transmit-receive system in which the transducer is controlled to provide a wave front which is more coherent in phase and power by the use of a feedback control signal from the transducers. The transducers are also made to have a constant output impedance ...

Weiss Ernest: Power supplies using mosfet devices.. Burroughs, April 9, 1986: EP0177148-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

A power supply for driving multi-electrode semiconductor power devices such as field effect transistors (FETs) including an integrated circuit module providing control signals which are coupled to the primary winding of a transformer which has two secondary windings. Each secondary winding is couple ...

Weiss Ernest: Waste disposal system. August 28, 1973: US3754288 (1 worldwide citation)

A waste disposal system comprises a receiving chamber including a mechanical grinding device, a liquifying tank in communication therewith and a source of liquifying chemicals connected thereto, an incinerating chamber communicates with the liquifying chamber by way of a pump and includes heating me ...