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Embodiments gather historical information about data propagation by monitoring requests to and replies from a server. When a request is received from a client system to upload code onto a web site, a user identity associated with the client system is determined and a tag that uniquely identifies the ...

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Methods and compositions for the optimization of production of influenza viruses suitable as influenza vaccines are provided.

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A “Demand-Driven Pointer Analyzer” (DDPA) provides a “demand-driven” field-sensitive pointer analysis process. This process rapidly and accurately identifies alias sets for selected pointers in software modules or programs of any size, including large-scale C/C++ programs such as a complete operatin ...

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Technology is described for malware investigation by analyzing computer memory in a computing device. The method can include performing static analysis on code for a software environment to form an extended type graph. A raw memory snapshot of the computer memory can be obtained at runtime. The raw ...

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A method, system, and computer-readable storage medium for application monitoring through continuous record and replay are described herein. The method includes continuously recording execution traces including external non-deterministic input data for an application at a user device and analyzing t ...

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Technologies pertaining to detecting accesses to monitored regions of memory and transmitting data to a protection system responsive to the detecting are described herein. A region of memory that includes objects in an object graph utilized by an operating system to determine which processes to exec ...

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A system for automatic inference of message formats from network packets is described. Each network message from a set of network messages is split into one or more tokens based on the types of bytes in the network messages. The set of network messages can then be classified into clusters based on t ...

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The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method that generates data patches for vulnerabilities. The system can include devices and components that examine exploits received or obtained from data streams, constructs probes and determines whether the probes take advantage of vulnerabilitie ...

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Methods and systems for application monitoring through collective record and replay are disclosed herein. The method includes recording a number of execution traces for an application from a number of user devices at a runtime library, wherein the number of execution traces relates to non-determinis ...

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A system described herein includes a receiver component that receives source code from a computer-readable medium of a computing device and a static analysis component that executes a points-to analysis algorithm over the source code to cause generation of a points-to graph, wherein the points-to gr ...