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A utility vehicle integrated a motorcycle and a motorized watercraft within a hull is presented. It can be set in a motorcycle status or a motorized watercraft status. The two statuses of the vehicle shares a driving power source, and a driving power shifting control system is used to shift the driv ...

Shao Wei Gong: Tennis racket. November 22, 1994: US05366218 (8 worldwide citation)

A racket for the sports of tennis and the like with a special handle is presented. The handle includes a two-bar grip and two accessary shafts. The two-bar grip is formed by the extensions from the head frame of the racket which are arranged to be symmetrical and parallel, and are fixed with predete ...

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This document describes techniques and apparatuses for attaching electronic components to interactive textiles. In various implementations, an interactive textile that includes conductive thread woven into the interactive textile is received. The conductive thread includes a conductive wire (e.g., a ...

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An electronic device includes a cover and a display module mounted on the cover, the cover includes a cover body and a seal gasket molded on the cover body, the seal gasket is molded from thermosetting rubber. The seal gasket is permanently clamped between the cover body and the display module.

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Carbon addition to the rapidly solidified, preferably melt spun, alloy system of Sm(Co, Fe, Cu, Zr) provides for good isotropic magnetic properties. Importantly, these alloys are nanocomposite in nature and comprise the SmCoC

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An electrical connector comprises an insulative housing, a plurality of contacts, a shield shell covering the insulative housing and a shield plate. The insulative housing has a body portion and a spacer. The contacts are received in the body portion. The shield shell includes a out shell and an inn ...

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An information integration method applied to a touch display device includes the steps of displaying a time indicating unit on the touch display device, obtaining at least one event information, and displaying the event information as at least one information display unit on the touch display device ...

Shao Wei Gong: Ultra-precision robotic system. April 19, 2005: US06882901 (3 worldwide citation)

A multiple degree-of-freedom ultra-precision (DOF) robotic system yielding either rigid body guidance or large deformation analysis (LDRS, i.e. semi-flexible and flexible robotics) is developed based on the technology of integrating a multiple DOF ultra-precision shadow robotic measurement system wi ...

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A screen installation device is used for assembling a screen plate to a frame, the screen installation device, and includes a positioning device and a plurality of connection devices. The positioning device is for locating the frame. The connection devices are detachably assembled to the positioning ...

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An electrical connector comprises an insulative housing having a base portion with a rear room depressed thereof, a top and a lower tongue portions extending forwardly, a plurality of contacts retained to the insulative housing, a spacer received in the rear room, and a metal shell having two side w ...