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This invention provides a computer-implemented method for performing a modular reduction operation "X mod M" and doing modular arithmetic on a computer. In a first stage of the method, the number X=, written in base .alpha., is reduced from k+1 blocks to an n+1 block integer Y that is equivalent to ...

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A cryptography system improves the decryption speed in the RSA algorithm by taking advantage of certain subgroups of Z.sub.n *. The cryptography system employs a new family of trapdoor permutations based on exponentiation in subgroups of Z.sub.n *.

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Proper user-to-data associations are maintained in shared spaces created in a peer-to-peer collaborative system by means of a simplified and minimal user interface that permits users to easily authenticate other members of a shared space. In particular, support is provided for automatically building ...

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A personal vaporizer including a pressure-induced liquid transport device that allows a user to draw liquid from a liquid reservoir through applying a suction force on the mouthpiece. The amount of liquid drawn is proportional to the pressure induced, and proportional to the amount of vaporization a ...

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A method and system for multistroked oriental-language character-recognition by codifying sequential character strokes, uses a direction code (using two digits and representing four directions) for each stroke's travel direction, and a position code (using two digits and representing four positions) ...

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A selective hydrogenation catalyst for the seletive hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons, a process for preparing this catalyst and its use. The catalyst of the invention comprises a support, active component Pd, rare earth metals, and auxiliary metal Bi, Ag etc. The catalyst is able to hydroge ...

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The present disclosure provides an apparatus for manufacturing a carbon nanotube heat sink. The apparatus includes a board, and a plurality of first and second carbon nanotubes formed on the board. The first carbon nanotubes and the second nanotubes are grown along a substantially same direction fro ...

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A low-profile radio frequency (RF) shield for utilization on a printed circuit board (PCB) to envelope and shield a RF radiating termination or connector pin. The shield includes of a planar sheet of a conductive material (typically metal) with a cavity depression formed at an intermediate location ...

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A current regulating, transconductance amplifier is connected to the load capacitor of a backplane system. The load capacitor is connected close to the load inside the feedback loop of the regulating amplifier. The frequency response shaping networks of the amplifier are designed to include the pole ...

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The present disclosure relates to a method for making a thermal interface material. A carbon nanotube array on a substrate is provided. The carbon nanotube array includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes substantially parallel to each other and substantially perpendicular to the substrate. The carbon ...