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A construction for providing an inexpensive and easy to assemble house construction including support structure, wall structure and roof structure.

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A hinge mechanism for mounting a decklid (38) of motor vehicles such as a trunk lid for pivotting the decklid upwardly and away from the adjacent wall or window (77) of the vehicle. The hinge mechanism comprises a pair of inter-connected compounded four-bar linkages wherein the primary four-bar link ...

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A nickel shell for molds formed by nickel vapourdeposition having incorporated therein a combination steelparting line and manifold and a plurality of heating andcooling lines operatively connected to the manifold for theflow of heating or cooling fluid therethrough, said heatingand cooling lines, a ...

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An air cooled or heated blow mold is shown having a mold cavity shell and a mold holder. The mold cavity shell is made by a process of nickel vapour deposition and so requires no hand finishing or polishing. The mold cavity shell has a cavity portion with a front face defining a cavity in the shape ...

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A method and apparatus for producing a nickel shape or shell employs nickel vapor deposition onto the inside surface of a closed, multi-part mandrel. The closed multi-part mandrel eliminates the need for a separate deposition chamber and the nickel vapor deposition creates a nickel shell in the shap ...

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A method and apparatus for producing a nickel shell mold by nickel vapour deposi tion onto a mandrel in a deposition chamber is disclosed. A nickel shell mold assembly is produced having a liquid and vapour-t ight cavity co-extensive with the mandrel for receiving a heating fluid, preferably a liqui ...

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A method of forming a nickel shell for a mold insert to reproduce an article sur face, and a novel nickel shell insert are disclosed. The method comprises securing the article to be reproduced to a base having a perime ter, forming a dam about the perimeter, filling the interior of the dam with a si ...

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An apparatus (10) for decomposing and depositing gaseous metal carbonyls on a mandrel (36). A base plate (12) and cover (14) define a inaction chamber (20). A mandrel ring (28), nested within the base plate (12) and insulated therefrom, supports the mandrel (36). Heat transfer fluid flows through th ...

Orlogi Helmuth, Weber Reinhart: Switching regulator. Siemens, March 7, 2007: EP1759449-A2

Es wird ein als Festspannungsregler ausgebildeter Schaltregler (1) mit einem Spannungsteiler (40) beschrieben, dem ein am Reglerausgang (2) anliegendes Spannungssignal über einen ersten Anschluss (V) zuführbar ist, um einer Treiberschaltung (35, 31) ein Ausgangssignal des Spannungsteilers (40) als R ...

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A vehicle occupant restraining system includes a plurality of safety restraint devices and utilizes a main controller and a safing controller to determine whether or not conditions are proper for deploying each safety restraint device. The system discriminates between front, side, rear, and roll-ove ...