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A plasma generating apparatus includes a plasma containing region and an R.F. coil for generating R.F. electric fields within the plasma region for creating a plasma from a gas flowed through the region. A capacitive shield is disposed between the coil and the plasma region for limiting the amount o ...

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A substrate holder for holding a substrate (e.g., a wafer or an LCD panel) during plasma processing. The substrate holder is a stack of processing elements which each perform at least one function. The elements include an electrostatic chuck (

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In a method for performing a plasma-assisted treatment on a substrate in a reactor chamber by: introducing at least one process gas into the reactor chamber; and creating a plasma within the reactor chamber by establishing an RF electromagnetic field within the chamber and allowing the field to inte ...

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Anisotropic plasma etching is accomplished utilizing a helical resonator operated at relatively low gas pressure. The use of this combination yields an extremely high flux of ionic species with resulting rapid anisotropic etching. A helical resonator in conjunction with suitable precursors is also q ...

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A system and method for processing substrates having an improved matching system. A matching controller (

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An apparatus and method for heating a substrate and associated rotatable susceptor in an epitaxial deposition reactor with an axially symmetric gas flow carrying deposition material include at least one chamber having a plurality of heat lamps. The chamber is generally symmetric with respect to an a ...

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In a chemical vapor deposition chamber, an improved technique for providing deposition materials to the growth surface is described. The gas carrying deposition materials is constrained to have axial symmetry thereby providing a uniform deposition of materials on the substrate. The gas can be initia ...

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A system and method for detecting and preventing arcing in plasma processing systems. Arcing is detected and characterized by measuring and analyzing electrical signals from a circuit coupled to the plasma. After characterization, the electrical signals can then be correlated with arcing events occu ...

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A data viewer for displaying information selected from hierarchically organized data enables hierarchical searching by displaying hierarchical levels, or alternatively, by implementing an index search of selected data elements. If the index search is selected, an alphabetically ordered list of selec ...

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A method and an apparatus utilized for thermal processing of substrates during semiconductor manufacturing. The method includes heating the substrate to a predetermined temperature using a heating assembly, cooling the substrate to the predetermined temperature using a cooling assembly located such ...