Drewe Nigel Wyndham, Waters Alan Cecil, Giffard Peter Ernest: Herbicidal compositions. Imperial Chemical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, November 18, 1975: US3920443 (11 worldwide citation)

Herbicidal compositions containing a bipyridylium quaternary salt and an alkyl pyridine odourant.

Drewe Nigel Wyndham, Waters Alan Cecil Et Al: Concentrated herbicidal compositions. Imperial Chem Ind Co, December 1, 1979: KR1019730000776

Herbicidal compositions, which could not be confused with drinkable liquids, were prepd. by contg. herbicidal bipyridylium quaternary salts (I or II ; R =/ ≠ R2 = hydroxy, halogen, carboxyl, lower alkoxy, etc., [x n- = anion n = 1-4), a gelling agent mixed with borate and xanthan gum, an an- tifo ...