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Precision of detecting existence/non-existence of a liquid container and a liquid level in the container is improved even if the detection is performed by a single sensor, or even if the S/N ratio of the detection is low, the detected results can be discriminated from one another. For this, a concav ...

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Insert l comprises thin substrate (2) made by cold-rolling, and two bonding alloy layers (3) formed by plating on the upper and lower surfaces of substrate (2), respectively. Both layers (3) are extremely thin, and are made of an alloy having a melting point lower than that of substrate (2). Insert( ...

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The invention is prevent drawbacks resulting from the bubble generated at the downstream side of the filter, while minimizing the waste in the ink. The recording head (201) has a sub tank (201b) for storing ink supplied from the exterior, and a liquid chamber (201f) storing the ink supplied from the ...

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A photocatalyst is carried on a surface of a light guiding body for guiding light needed to activate the photocatalyst in such a manner that the light guided by the light guiding body irradiates directly from the surface of the light guiding body the photocatalyst.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To decrease the weight of a CRT as a whole without decreasing the shock resistance, pressure resistance or the like of a funnel.SOLUTION: The funnel for a cathode ray tube is obtained by chemically strengthening glass containing, by wt.%, 45 to 60% SiO2, 0.1 to 15% Al2O3, 5 to ...

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A method for metallizing a superconducting material onto a surface of a substrate by the use of the plasma phenomenon, which comprises the steps of: continuously supplying an operating gas containing an oxygen gas in an amount of at least 30 vol.% into a bore of a metallizing nozzle from a rear end ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make the whole of a cathode-ray tube CRT lightweight without deteriorating pressure withstanding strength of a glass panel and the characteristic suitable for the CRT of a glass panel. SOLUTION: This glass panel for the CRT is obtained by chemically strengthening the glass c ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an optical system device which can obtain high density and high output laser using simple, efficient, and direct irradiation and injection of a beam emitted from a multi-mode semiconductor laser as the excitation light to a clad pumping laser fiber.SOLUTION: The devi ...

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A CRT in its entirety is to be rendered lightweight without detracting from the resistance against pressure of a panel or from characteristics desirable for the CRT. To this end, there is provided a glass panel for a CRT obtained on chemically reinforcing the glass containing 57 to 64 wt% of SiO2, 0 ...