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An electronic device including a substantially intrinsic non-single crystal semiconductor active layer having a number of metastable defects therein, the active layer being responsive to the application of stress upon the device by shifting its Fermi level from an equilibrium state within its mobili ...

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Apparatus and method for sensing the position, size, shape and location orientation of one or more objects in two dimensions. The position sensor uses arrays of light sensors mounted on a substrate. When an object passes in proximity to the light sensors light energy from a plurality of light source ...

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An apparatus for processing a substrate on two sides. A substrate has a first edge as a leading edge in a process direction and a first side in a face-up orientation. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises an input pathway for receiving the substrate from a substrate processing station, a statio ...

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A flexible sheet handling apparatus comprising an input section for receiving the flexible sheet, a reversion section for rotating the flexible sheet about an axis of motion and an output section for transferring the rotated flexible sheet to a sheet processing system.

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A valve array system including microelectromechanical valves embedded in a dielectric substrate is disclosed. These microelectromechanical valves can be batch fabricated using resin impregnated dielectric laminates having photolithographically formed circuitry for electrical connections. Movable com ...

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An image detection and pixel processing system includes a plurality of position sensitive detector elements arranged to receive an image. Each position sensitive detector element provides information for determining both a total light intensity value within the position sensitive detector element an ...

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An image detection and pixel processing system includes a plurality of detector elements for receiving an image. The detector elements are subdivided into a plurality of macrodetectors, with each macrodetector constituting four or more detector elements, and with each macrodetector providing informa ...

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A method for problem solving in a computer system includes an applications module for sending a problem statement to a complexity module, which configures a solving module with configuration parameters and also determines expected problem solver behavior. The solving module selects a set of paramete ...

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A fluid transport system for moving flexible objects includes a conveyor configured to direct fluid flow against opposite sides of flexible objects. A sensor unit senses motion state of flexible objects, and a motion analysis unit is connected to the sensor unit to calculate relative or absolute mov ...

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A sensor system for measuring physical properties of a sheet. In one embodiment, the sensor system measures paper curl and thickness using two sensors, each of which includes a member, a base, and measurement circuit. The two members are positioned in opposition to each other and both contact the sh ...