Warren A Strutman: Bicycle wheel suspension, driving and braking assembly. Lauren Strutman, Lisa Strutman, Jerome A Gross, Jerome A Gross, October 9, 1979: US04170369 (50 worldwide citation)

Bicycle wheels are mounted on single suspension struts, each having an axle secured horizontally. Adjacent to the strut is an independently rotatable assembly. For the rear wheel, the assembly includes an overrunning clutch having its outer driven portion, which bears a brake disc, splined into the ...

Warren A Strutman: Surge-accepting accumulator transmission for windmills and the like. Lisa Strutman, Lauren Strutman, Jerome A Gross, Jerome A Gross, December 16, 1980: US04239977 (39 worldwide citation)

An alternator, powered by a wind rotor having pitch changeable blades, is maintained at a fixed speed despite variations in wind speed and cyclic perturbations in rotor shaft speed due to rotor dynamics. In one embodiment, a geared speed increaser, coupling the rotor to the alternator, is mounted fo ...

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