Ward III William J, Salemme Robert M: Sulfonated polyxylene oxide as a permselective membrane for gas separations. General Electric Company, December 25, 1973: US3780496 (33 worldwide citation)

Sulfonated polyxylylene oxide membranes are very effective for the separation of helium, hydrogen and oxygen from gas mixtures. The discovery that the permeability of the aforementioned gases varies with the counter ion form of the sulfonated polyxylylene oxide membrane used is also disclosed.

Neulander Charles K, Ward III William J: Microporous/non-porous composite membranes. General Electric Company, MaLossi Leo I, Cohen Joseph T, Squillaro Jerome C, March 19, 1974: US3797202 (22 worldwide citation)

A microporous/non-porous membrane laminate construction is described for incorporation in membrane package construction. One or both sides of the non-porous membrane is covered with a microporous membrane to form a membrane assembly. An exemplary membrane package construction employing the membrane ...

Ward III William J, Foss William I: High pressure membrane package construction. General Electric Company, MaLossi Leo I, Cohen Joseph T, Squillaro Jerome C, December 9, 1975: US3925037 (21 worldwide citation)

Improved membrane package construction is shown in which non-porous, rigid embedment is provided for the edges of each membrane and the membrane surface area immediately adjacent each manifold location. In addition, for construction embodying immobilized liquid membranes, all edges of each membrane ...

Juliano Peter C, Ward III William J: Block copolymer membrane for separating polar contaminants from gaseous mixtures. General Electric Company, April 4, 1972: US3653180 (14 worldwide citation)

Block copolymers containing poly(oxyethylene) segments are used for the preparation of permselective membranes employed in separating polar gases from non-polar gases. Such copolymers containing poly(oxyethylene) glycol carbonate segments in polycarbonate chains are described.

Jaster Heinz, Ward Iii William J: Insulation material, and method for forming insulation foam. General Electric Co &Lt Ge&Gt, October 31, 1995: JP1995-286694

PURPOSE: To provide insulation material of high insulation performance at low cost by providing a resinous foam comprising cells filled with inert gas having a specific heat conductivity, and enclosing this foam in a gas-impervious enclosure at a specific partial pressure and total pressure of the i ...

Ward Iii William J: Heat-insulating foam with low thermal conductivity and its production. General Electric Co &Lt Ge&Gt, May 6, 1997: JP1997-118731

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To achieve a low thermal conductivity by sealing a resin foam blown with a CO2-contg. gas mixture, a gas having a thermal conductivity lower than that of CO2, a solid alkaline getter, and a specific drying agent into a gas- impermeable enclosure. SOLUTION: A polyoxyalkylene pol ...

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