Wang Yuhai: Maintenance free asphalt pavement surface and construction method thereof. Wang Yuhai, February 28, 2007: CN200610017956

The invention relates to a non-maintenance pitch road and relative construction, wherein said construction comprises: it constructs three layers or two layers, while the bottom is pore concrete, while said layer can be avoided; the upper layer is the high-density solid pitch concrete, which uses min ...

Wang Yuhai: Weak vibration and high-performance concrete. Wang Yuhai, February 28, 2007: CN200610017957

The invention discloses a weak-vibrated high-property concrete, which comprises the following parts: 900-1731 kg/m3 crushed stone, 580-768 kg/m3 sand, 330-500 kg/m3 cement, 0-200 kg/m3 grinded fine ore powder with specific surface area as 3-15 times as cement, 0-85 kg/m3 grinded fine ore powder with ...

Wang Yuhai, Wang Zhenhua, Yao Nianshan, Wang Yulong: Microalloyed nickel chromium high-temperature alloy material and method for preparing the same. Yantai Best Furnace Tube Plant, chi yuanxiang, July 19, 2006: CN200610042265

The invention discloses a nickel-chromium high-temperature alloy material and its preparing process, wherein the material is made from C 0.45-0.5%, Si 1.6-2.0%, Mn 0.8-1.2%, P< 0.03%, S< 0.025%, Cr 24-27%, Ni 33-36%, Mo< 0.5%, W< 0.35%, Nb 0.8-1.0%, Ti 0.05-0.1%, B 0.02-0.03%, Zr 0.03-0.05%, Ce 0.01 ...

Yao Nianshan, Wang Zhenhua, Wang Yulong, Wang Yuhai: Gradient cobalt-base composite block and its making process. Yantai Bisite Furnace Tube Works, chi yuanxiang, August 2, 2006: CN200610042266

The present invention discloses one kind of gradient cobalt-base composite block and its making process. The gradient cobalt-base composite block includes a facing cobalt-base alloy layer, an connecting layer below the facing cobalt-base alloy layer and a high temperature nickel-chromium alloy botto ...







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