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Multiwell plates with lids that reduce evaporation in the wells adjacent the edge of the plates are disclosed. The lids control the amount of evaporation from the multiwell plate.

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The invention relates to the device and method for evaluating the learning mark of singing followed along with the song that can be used in cooperated with the accompany function of the laser VCD set. The invented device includes two circuits for picking up two parameters of the sound volume, one pr ...

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Disclosed is a cell culture article including: a substrate; a tie-layer attached to at least the substrate; and a bio-compatible layer attached to at least the tie layer, the bio-compatible layer having been obtained from surface oxidation of a polymer layer. Also disclosed are methods for making th ...

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Disclosed herein is a file management system that includes an unformatted raw data area storing a plurality of raw data files at respective locations within the unformatted raw data area. The storage medium also includes a formatted partitioned area that includes a plurality of partitions each assoc ...

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A method, apparatus and product for producing an advantaged cell growth surface. According to the present invention, a stream of plasma is comprised of activated gaseous species generated by a microwave source (10). This stream is directed at the surface of a polymer substrate (26) in a controlled f ...