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The invention relates to a device for preventing and controlling snails. The device comprises a baffle for preventing the snails from entering a protected matted bed, and a collector for collecting the snails retaining on the baffle. The baffle comprises a vertically arranged baffle body, a top flan ...




Teng Shiyuan, Shi Jiqing, He Yunfang, Mao Bizeng, Guo Chuanmin, Wu Yilin, Chen Jianfang, Yu Ying, Zhao Feng, Wang Dongsen, Sun Shouyue, An Changqing, Yan Wenjuan, Ma Huan: Seedling exercising method of tissue culture seedling of dendrobium officinale. Wujiang Nursery Group, sun fangwei, January 21, 2009: CN200810195801

The invention relates to a hardening method of tissue cultured seedlings of Dendrobium candidum, which comprises the following steps: (a) selection of bottled tissue cultured seedlings: (b) management before taking out the seedlings from the bottle, comprising: sealing a bottle cap for hardening the ...

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The present invention relates to an artificial seedling growing method of beach plum seed; people select the beach plum seeds carefully and purify and sterilize the seeds for storage in sand under low temperature; cold water is used for vernalization and the process of flat disc sowing is used for s ...

Teng Shiyuan, Wang Chun, He Yunfang, Wang Huaiqing, Wu Ya, Wu Yilin, Liu Jiacai, Dai Yun, Yu Ying, Zhao Gang, Wang Dongsen, Sun Shouyue, An Changqing, Zhang Lei, Ma Huan: Cottage breeding method of dendrobium officinale. Wujiang Seedling Group, sun fangwei, January 7, 2009: CN200810021790

The invention relates to a cuttage cultivation method of Dendrobium officinale. The method comprises the following steps: (1) cuttage material preparation: extracting the pseudobulb from the root of the parent plant and serving as the cuttage material; (2) cuttage material segmentation: cutting the ...

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The invention relates to a cultivation method of dendrobium candidum, comprising the following steps of: paving the ground: levelling a land, and then sequentially paving a quicklime powder layer, a gardening ground cloth, a gravel layer and a shading net layer from bottom to top; forming rectangula ...