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An integrated modular multiple chamber vacuum processing system (10) is disclosed. The system includes a load lock (12), may include an external cassette elevator (24), and an internal load lock wafer elevator (50), and also includes stations about the periphery of the load lock for connecting one, ...

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A memory circuit system and method are provided. In one embodiment, an interface circuit is capable of communication with a plurality of memory circuits and a system. In use, the interface circuit is operable to interface the memory circuits and the system for reducing command scheduling constraints ...

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Large capacity memory systems (FB-DIMMs) are constructed using stacked memory integrated circuits (220) or chips (310). The stacked memory chips are constructed in such a way that eliminates problems such as signal integrity while still meeting current and future memory standards.

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A high pressure, high throughput, single wafer, semiconductor processing reactor (10) is disclosed which is capable of thermal CVD, plasma-enhanced CVD, plasma-assisted etchback, plasma self-cleaning, and deposition topography modification by sputtering, either separately or as part of in-situ multi ...

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A process for etching single crystal silicon, polysilicon, silicide and polycide using iodinate or brominate gas chemistry, is disclosed. The iodinate/brominate gas chemistry etches narrow deep trenches (10) with very high aspect ratios and good profile control and without black silicon formation or ...

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A low dielectric constant, controlled coefficient of thermal expansion, low cost material which includes uniformly distributed aerogel microspheres having voids in molecular dimension (at nanoscale) is prepared by extrusion and standard impregnation and lamination techniques. The aerogel microsphere ...

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A suture coating comprising a copolymer having about 60 to 80 weight percent of beta -hydroxybutyrate linkages is disclosed. The remaining linkages can be at least beta -hydroxyvalerate. In one embodiment, the coating is the copolymer combined with a stearoyl lactylate having the formula: wherein X ...

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A magnetic field enhanced single wafer plasma etch reactor is disclosed. The features of the reactor include an electrically-controlled stepped magnetic field for providing high rate uniform etching at high pressures; temperature controlled reactor surfaces including heated anode surfaces (walls and ...

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The disclosure relates to a process for cleaning a reactor chamber (12) both locally adjacent the RF electrodes (16, 92) and also throughout the chamber and the exhaust system (105, 109, 118) to and including components such as the throttle valve. Preferably, a two-step continuous etch sequence is u ...

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A composite boron phosphorus silicate glass (BPSG) insulating and planarizing layer (40) is formed over stepped surfaces (20,24) of a semiconductor wafer (10) by a two step process. The composite BPSG layer (40) is characterized by the absence of discernible voids and a surface which is resistant to ...