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An image sensor comprised of an array of photo elements (pixels) includes a device for randomly addressing individual pixels and a device for selectively varying the number of pixels which can be read out on any one reading cycle. The random addressing of pixels enables the readout of pixels located ...

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Circuits and systems embodying the invention include an image sensor comprising an array of "M" photo sensing elements arranged in "R" rows and "C" columns, where R and C are integers greater than one and R times C is equal to M. Coupled to each one of the photo sensing elements is a storage registe ...

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CCD imagers with a novel replicated-line-imager architecture are abutted to form an extended line sensor. The sensor is preceded by optics having a slit aperture and having an optical beam splitter or astigmatic lens for projecting multiple line images through an optical color-discriminating stripe ...

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An apparatus and method for non-contact real-time measurements of temperature and emissivity profiles of radiant targets with unknown spectral emissivity. The selected points or regions on the radiant target are imaged onto an array of photodetectors through an assembly of narrow-band optical filter ...

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An imager includes a substrate of single crystalline silicon of one conductivity type having opposed major surfaces. A Schottky-barrier detector junction is along one of the major surfaces for converting detected radiation to charge carriers. An array of collecting electrodes is in the other major s ...

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The output register of a CCD imager system is loaded at high speed by, for each row of charges, first translating the m charges in each group of m adjacent ones of the n columns of the imager into m serially occurring charges and temporarily storing each group of m serially occurring charges in a se ...

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The upper limit of longer wavelength response of a radiation detector using a Schottky-barrier diode operated in hot carrier mode is extended by a layer of relatively high concentration impurities ion implanted in Schottky barrier contact surface of the semiconductive region of the diode.

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An infrared charge-coupled-device (IR-CCD) imager uses an array of Schottky-barrier diodes (SBD's) as photosensing elements and uses a charge-coupled-device (CCD) for arranging charge samples supplied in parallel from the array of SBD's into a succession of serially supplied output signal samples. I ...

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Dark current compensation is obtained in a charge transfer circuit such as a charge coupled device (CCD) delay line by subtracting from each charge packet, after each predetermined number of shifts of that charge packet, a certain amount of charge. In a preferred form of the circuit, a reference cha ...

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An array of infra-red (IR) detectors for a CCD image sensor includes a plurality of spaced areas of a conductive material at the surface of a substrate of semiconductor material of one conductivity type with each conductive area forming a Schottky-barrier diode with the substrate to form the IR dete ...