Udo Kuenzler, Walter Englert: Device and method for measuring a shot force exerted on a movable game device. Cairos Technologies, Michael A Glenn, Glenn Patent Group, February 22, 2011: US07891666 (67 worldwide citation)

For measuring a shot force exerted on a movable game device, a time curve of the acceleration during the shot or of the pressure within the game device during the shot is recorded and processed to obtain an energy measure, said energy measure then serving to provide information about the shot force.

Walter Englert, Tilman Bucher: Method and apparatus for controlling a movable object for localization within a positioning area. Cairos Technologies, Michael A Glenn, Glenn Patent Group, September 14, 2010: US07795861 (24 worldwide citation)

At least two coils located at different positions with regard to a positioning area are controlled to indicate a position of an object located within the range of magnetic fields generated by the coils. An embodiment of the invention comprises a generator that uses a multiplexing technique to genera ...

Walter Englert, Tilman Bucher: Concept for activating a game device. Cairos Technologies, Michael A Glenn, Glenn Patent Group, December 20, 2011: US08079925 (21 worldwide citation)

A game ball wherein in the vicinity of a goal, or in a goal area, an electronic system is activated in the goal area by an activation signal, which may be a magnetic field or a radio signal, so as to subsequently facilitate, e.g., highly precise position measurement of the game device, or game ball.

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A device for generating a magnetic field in a goal area with at least two coils arranged in parallel to a goal area defined and bounded by a goal, wherein a first coil is attached in an area behind the goal and a second coil is attached closer to the goal than the first coil or identical to the goal ...

Walter Englert, Tilman Bucher: Device and method for position measurement by means of linear doppler shifts generated. Cairos Technologies, Michael A Glenn, Glenn Patent Group, May 18, 2010: US07719469 (19 worldwide citation)

A position determination method including a step of transmitting a periodic signal having a carrier frequency, a step of sequentially receiving the periodic signal having the carrier frequency at various locations using at least one antenna, and a step of determining a first coordinate of the object ...

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A method for deciding whether a movable object has been brought through a goal having a goal area defined by the goal, an internal magnetic field being measurable, within the goal area or in parallel with the goal area, which is larger than an external magnetic field present outside the goal area, t ...

Walter Englert: Acquiring and providing player information by means of a multiple sensor system. Cairos Technologies, Workman Nydegger, September 17, 2013: US08535185 (15 worldwide citation)

A device (120) for acquiring and providing information which can be associated with a football player, said device comprising: an acceleration sensor (129) for detecting accelerations acting on the devices; a memory unit (121) for storing measured acceleration values with associated time stamps and ...

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A system for detecting and providing information assigned to soccer players, wherein the system contains a soccer ball (130) comprising a centrally arranged magnetic field generator (142) for generating an alternating magnetic field (150); a transceiver (148) for receiving radio signals (160) and fo ...

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An apparatus such as a television signal processing apparatus provides a means to control power dissipation by high speed signal processing circuitry associated with tuners while continuing to receive auxiliary data such as administrative data, guide data, or emergency alert notifications. According ...

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A programmable lighting unit includes a radio interface to be remote controlled by a radio remote control. In particular, the remote control sends parameter data which is supplied to a parameter adjuster in the programmable lighting unit which programs the parameter data such that a controller of th ...