Hayashi Katsuhiko, Nagao Takeshi, Murase Kazuhiro, Tatemura Hironobu, Fujii Hiroyuki, Wakamatsu Nobuhiko, Morita Shinji, Furukawa Kiminobu, Kawabe Masaru, Sato Kazuo, Katano Kouji: Consulting home electronics system and method of presenting consulting information therefor. Matsushita Electric, October 25, 2002: JP2002-315079 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To present the information how to use home electrical appliances according to the using condition of the apparatus, after the selling thereof.SOLUTION: A server 10 and a home electrical appliance 20 are connected, mutually communicably by a communication network 1. The applianc ...

Wakamatsu Nobuhiko: Device for attaching filter membrane. Matsushita Electric, September 8, 1998: JP1998-235826

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To charge a groove of an intaglio with certain amount of ink to stabilize a continuous printing since the amount of ink filled in the groove varies depending on the environment or the squeezing conditions. SOLUTION: By measuring the amount of dishing, squeezing conditions such ...

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