Wagner Theodore R: Tool carrier case. June 8, 1971: US3583556 (79 worldwide citation)

The two-section all-plastic case is molded in one piece, the flexible web hingedly connecting the two sections being integral therewith and subjected to flexing while still hot from the mold to be flexible thereafter without breakage for the life of the case. A latch plate is also molded integral wi ...

Wagner Theodore R: Torque measuring tool unit. July 27, 1971: US3595105 (8 worldwide citation)

In this torque measuring tool unit, a plurality of drive transmitting balls are spaced circumferentially in coplanar relationship around the common axis of two driving and driven housing sections, the balls being in one of said housing sections and pressed by individual coiled compression springs re ...

Wagner Theodore R: Toolholders. July 27, 1971: US3595592 (3 worldwide citation)

This toolholder has a specially designed collet in which the different shaped generally hexagonal, shanks of two different tools, like an Allen wrench and a Bristol wrench, for example, can be mounted interchangeably for endwise adjustability.