Wade Charles H: Air transport system for ice maker. Whirlpool Corporation, Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord, April 15, 1975: US3877241 (31 worldwide citation)

An ice making and storing system wherein ice is transported from an ice maker apparatus to any one of a plurality of ice storage bins by means of a flowing body of fluid transporting the formed ice bodies therewith. Means are provided adjacent the storage bins for selectively diverting ice bodies fr ...

Lampman William T, Wade Charles H: Dishwasher. Whirlpool Corporation, May 30, 1972: US3665943 (25 worldwide citation)

A dishwasher comprising a tub, a movable panel such as a door providing access to the interior of the tub and having a front surface facing the tub interior, a silverware basket having side walls, a water pervious front wall on the side adjacent the tub interior, a water pervious bottom wall and a w ...

Wade Charles H: Liquid dispenser. Whirlpool Corporation, July 31, 1973: US3749288 (19 worldwide citation)

A liquid dispenser in which a liquid is transferred from a supply chamber in a preselected maximum amount to a metering chamber where it is ejected as desired. A specific use for the dispenser is for supplying wetting agent to an automatic dishwasher at a selected time in the dishwashing cycle to ai ...

Lampman William T, Wade Charles H: Dishwasher rack. Whirlpool Corporation, June 29, 1971: US3589786 (1 worldwide citation)

A dishwasher having movable racks for holding the dishes during the washing thereof together with yieldable means located between the rack and an access door for insuring that the rack is always in proper position when the door is closed.