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A compact and unitary cellular/pager. The cellular/pager includes a cellular antenna for receiving UHF cellular and paging signals. The cellular/pager also includes a VHF paging antenna. Every paging signal is sent to a paging receiver. The paging receiver uses the same circuitry to process either t ...

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System, device, and method for receiving or sensing touch or light input to an emissive display such as to a OLED display using the same or different sensors as are used to sense and maintain a pixel luminance. Penlight and touch screen data input system and method for display. A sidelight illuminat ...

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A field emission display which includes thin film resistors disposed between the electron-emitting elements of a cathode and a conductive support which provides electrical connection to said electron-emitting element through said thin film.

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A plurality of semi-conductor diodes disposed in an array may be constructed to emit light when subjected to a particular voltage. This voltage reversely biases the semi-conductor diodes to break down the semi-conductor diodes and to provide for the emission of light upon breakdown. The breakdown oc ...

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A flat-panel, matrix-type visible light emissive display which has an electron source positioned at the back panel for providing a background of electrons. An electron gating grid having a number of conductive filaments is positioned before the front panel and exposed to the electron source. A displ ...

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An improved vacuum fluorescence display (VFD) that is less expensive to produce and more rugged than currently available VFDs. The display includes metal side walls and fluorescent material carried on one or more silicon wafers. A ceramic, layerable insulating material is employed as the substrate o ...

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The present invention uses an open loop feedback technique to control emissive pixels of a printhead of a printer. The open loop feedback technique involves integrating the light intensity of the emissive pixel over a predetermined period of time, averaging the integrated value, comparing the averag ...