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The invention relates to a process for removing nitrogen oxides from a gas stream containing same, which comprises passing the gas stream

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The present invention relates to a device for padding corners of, for example, equipment housings. The device has two arms joined to each other at an angle and cheeks. The cheeks are fitted to the outside of the arms. To enable a device of this kind to be used in a variety of applications, i.e., ove ...

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A reactor for the catalytic oxidation of ammonia to form nitrogen oxides which has a noble metal gauze catalyst and a heat exchanger in that order in the direction of flow, a catalyst for the decomposition of N


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The present invention provides a method and device for determining the viscosity of motor oil in an internal combustion engine comprising: measuring frictional torque of the engine based on engine data, such as, the clutch switch signal which shows whether the clutch is engaged transmitting torque t ...

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In a process for preparing oxides of nitrogen having a low degree of oxidation by catalytic oxidation of ammonia, ammonia mixed with air and water vapor is oxidized over an oxidation catalyst.

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In a process for the continuous preparation of adipic acid by hydrolysis of C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 -alkyl adipates with water at an elevated temperature in the presence of a strongly acidic ion exchanger, the improvement that the esters and excess water are fed to the middle section of a column, reaction ...

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A projector having a lamp and a reflector that reflects the light beams emitted by the lamp toward a light exit opening of the projector is provided. It is possible to vary the position of the reflector and of the lamp relative to one another, and to set the distribution of the exiting light by disp ...

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A spinal cannula with a needle hub having a transparent area for observing the liquor flowing through a hollow cavity of the needle hub. A structure for refracting or reflecting rays of light is provided in or at the transparent area of the needle hub. The structure for refracting or reflecting rays ...

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Disclosed is a projector comprising a lamp and a reflector which reflects the light beams emitted by the lamp towards a light output hole of the projector. The position of the reflector and the lamp relative to each other can be modified, the distribution of the light that is output being adjustable ...