Elias Nemer
Elias J Nemer, Vladimir Kravtsov: Digitally pre-equalizing signals. Intel Corporation, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, February 19, 2008: US07333558

In one embodiment, the present invention includes an transmitter apparatus having a digital filter to compensate in a baseband frequency for magnitude and delay slopes occurring in the transmitter's analog path.

Vladimir Kravtsov: Method and system for synchronizing a quadrature amplitude modulation demodulator. Intel Corporation, Eitan Pearl Latzer & Cohen Zedek, April 27, 2004: US06727772 (4 worldwide citation)

In some embodiments of the present invention, there is a system and method of synchronizing a QAM demodulator by determining a phase offset error value between an actual phase shift of a received symbol and an estimated phase shift value.

Vladimir Kravtsov, Yuval Lomnitz, Clark Chen, Shilpa Talwar, Nageen Himayat, Li Li, Hua Yang, Homgmei Sun: Adaptive frequency reuse method of radio resources management and allocation. Intel Corporation, Carrie A Boone P C, November 29, 2011: US08068459 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for managing and allocating radio resources (RRMA method) of multiple radio resource types to subscriber stations is disclosed. The RRMA method includes bandwidth partitioning, into parts comprising “slots” with a given reuse pattern, a selection rule, to select a “cell, reuse pattern” pair ...

Amir Rubin, Vladimir Kravtsov: Device, system and method of noise identification and cancellation. Intel Corporation, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, February 2, 2010: US07657228 (2 worldwide citation)

Some embodiments of the invention provide devices, systems and methods of noise identification and cancellation. For example, an apparatus in accordance with an embodiment of the invention includes: a characterizer to estimate a non-linear mutual relation between: a characteristic of an incoming int ...

Alexey Vladimirovich Khoryaev, Artyom Lomayev, Alexander Alexandrovich Maltsev, Vladimir Kravtsov, Michael Genossar: Method and apparatus for inter-carrier interference mitigation in phase noise limited wirelss communiction systems. Intel Corporation, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, April 19, 2016: US09319166 (2 worldwide citation)

In a wireless, OFDM system, phase noise may be mitigated through the use of an interleaver that is designed to distribute coded block bits across subcarriers of multiple OFDM symbols. Doing so decreases the non-stationary properties of the noise. Such an interleaver may be a rectangular interleaver ...

Vladimir Kravtsov: Reducing phase noise in phase-encoded communications signals. Intel Corporation, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, May 8, 2007: US07215705 (1 worldwide citation)

A receiver may reduce phase noise in phase-encoded communications signals using symmetrical averaging to estimate phase shift correction. In one embodiment, a receiver, such as a quadrature amplitude modulation receiver may include a decision feedback equalizer and a filter of low complexity to rece ...

Vladimir Kravtsov: System and method of improving power efficiency in wireless communication system. INTEL CORPORATION, April 4, 2017: US09615326

An apparatus may comprise a signal mapper to map a pre-emphasized signal to sub-carriers symmetrically about DC, and a peak-to-average-power reduction (PAPR) module arranged to receive a pre-emphasized signal and treat the pre-emphasized signal so as to reduce PAPR in a transmit signal sent from the ...

Vladimir Kravtsov, Tom Harel: Method and apparatus adapted for localized hopping OFDMA and power efficient OFDMA multiplexing. Intel Corporation, Thorpe North & Western, February 19, 2013: US08379688

An embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus, comprising a transceiver configured for OFDM transmissions in frequency-contiguous, hopping, sub-channels.

Michael Kerner, Vladimir Kravtsov, Tom Harel: Time domain signal generation. Intel Corporation, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt P C, November 12, 2013: US08582420

Embodiments of apparatuses, articles, methods, and systems for efficient generation of a time domain signal in multi-carrier communications are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.

Ayelet Doron, Vladimir Kravtsov, Yuval Lomnitz: Noise estimation filter. Intel Corporation, Thorpe North & Western, March 18, 2014: US08675720

A noise estimation filter for an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (OFDM) system can include a filter bank module, a coefficient squaring module, and a summing module. The filter bank module can multiply a unitary vector by an OFDM signal vector to generate scalar products of the OFDM signal ...

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