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The invention relates to transgenic animals bearing one or more human λ light chain loci. The invention also relates to methods and compositions for making transgenic animals that have incorporated human λ light chain loci. The invention further relates to methods of using and compositions derived f ...

Vladimir Ivanov, Pavel P Kulik, Alexis N Logoshin: Method of control of plasma stream and plasma apparatus. Overseas Publishers Association, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, February 6, 1996: US05489820 (15 worldwide citation)

A plasma stream is formed by plural plasma-forming gas through which electric currents are passed and on which a magnetic field is superposed a physical parameter of the plasma stream is monitored. The magnitude of force acting on one of the jets is varied until a required result is obtained. Plural ...

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Plasma treatment apparatus includes means to generate a plasma jet at atmospheric pressure, and means to control both the cross-sectional size of the jet and the relative speed of movement between the jet and a body being treated.

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A navigation system includes a display for displaying at least a part of a digital map. The navigation system includes a navigation database which stores any text and/or symbol(s) associated with a signpost independently from a background of the signpost. The text and/or symbol(s) and the background ...

Kenneth Alan Simmen, Herman Augustinus De Kock, Pierre Jean Marie Bernard Raboisson, Lili Hu, Abdellah Tahri, Dominique Louis Nestor Ghislain Surleraux, Karl Magnus Nilsson, Bengt Bertil Samuelsson, Åsa Annica Kristina Rosenquist, Vladimir Ivanov, Mikael Pelcman, Anna Karin Gertrud Linea Belfrage, Per Ola Mikael Johansson, Sandrine Marie Helene Vendeville: Macrocylic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus. Tibotec Pharmaceuticals, Medivir, Woodcock Washburn, January 8, 2013: US08349869 (9 worldwide citation)

Inhibitors of HCV replication of formula (I) and the N-oxides, salts, and stereoisomers, wherein each dashed line represents an optional double bond; X is N, CH and where X bears a double bond it is C; R1 is —OR7, —NH—SO2R8; R2 is hydrogen, and where X is C or CH, R2 may also be C1-6alkyl; R3 is hyd ...

Pavel Kulik, Vladimir Ivanov: Methods and apparatus for treating a work surface. Overseas Publishers Association, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, October 8, 1996: US05562841 (5 worldwide citation)

A work surface, e.g. an integrated circuit, is treated with a plasma jet. The work surface is shielded from an ambient medium by a shielding gas jet directed to create a shielded zone around the work surface, or which is blown over the work surface so it intersects the plasma jet on the work surface ...

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A data entry system having a base. The base has a plurality of rotatable cylindrical controls. The controls are rotated into a plurality of positions, each of the plurality of positions represent a control sequence. Each control sequence represents one of a plurality of alphanumeric characters. An e ...

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A method for pumping remote optically-pumped fiber amplifiers (ROPAs) in fiber-optic telecommunication systems is disclosed which uses cascaded Raman amplification to increase the maximum amount of pump power that can be delivered to the ROPA. According to the prior art, high power at the ROPA pump ...

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A process automation system is described which includes a sense and response framework for receiving events in the process and initiating tasks in response to the received events. Execution of the scheduled tasks may in turn generate additional events that are received and responded to until all nod ...

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A method and system of applying modulated carrier signals to tree networks and processing signals tapped from the tree networks to generate output signals with phase-synchronized carriers are disclosed.