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A method of generating power from wind comprising providing a turbine in an airstream with the turbine having a rotor with a plurality of blades and a stator with a plurality of blades upstream of the rotor. A portion of the ambient airstream is increased in velocity and reduced in pressure by passi ...

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The use of thrusters at the bow and stern of an airship for control of the direction, attitude, and orientation of such an airship is described. The thruster utilizes an electric motor or a gas turbine for power. In the electric motor embodiment, the motor utilizes two contra-rotating rotors which e ...

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An air lifting vehicle includes, inter alia, a main frame containing an engine, a helicopter-type rotor driven by the engine, a rear located propeller which provides torque compensation for the rotor as well as yaw control for the vehicle, and a pilot's cabin. Attached to the frame through a plurali ...

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A construction of the external skin of the hull of a metal-clad airship utilizing sections of hull plating of different thickness to connect the sheets or gores of the plating of the main portion of the hull to the base skin of structural members, such as external longerons and internal frame member ...