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The invention is for a thermoplastic structural system, structural components therefor, and method of producing same in which the structural components are extruded from a thermoplastic material containing a reinforcing constituent flowable through an extrusion die, the structural components being c ...

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Thermoplastic structural components utilized within building construction as permanent formwork. The components formed with openings along a length which serve to allow concrete to flow from one form to adjacent forms. Thus, filling the components forming a surrounding wall of a building. The openin ...

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A thermoplastic wall forming member is provided with rails for securing a wiring channel interiorly of a hollow structure to be formed by the wall forming member and other wall forming members.

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A molded cladded panel comprises on the underside thereof a bearing surface formation for bearing on an underlying support surface and latches for latching the panel to an underlying support surface, the panel having a profile configured to provide a desired appearance rising above the bearing surfa ...

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Extruded hollow thermoplastic structural components of rectilinear cross section formed for interlocking assembly with mating components for use in erecting a modular building characterized in that said components are extruded from PVC material which includes a smoke retarding agent which is covered ...

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A novel insulated wall structure is formed with upright hollow thermoplastic extrusions connected together in a row, with the extrusions presenting a row of compartments (

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The disclosure relates to a vacuum sizing device for cooling and sizing plastic extrusions immediately downstream of the extrusion die. The device includes a plurality of pairs of upper and lower sizing elements which are clamped between upper and lower backing members. The elements are shaped to de ...

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Elongated extruded thermoplastic hollows structural components of rectilinear cross section formed for interlocking assembly for use in erecting a modular building on a supporting base, characterized in that each said component being a coextraction of a substrate including reprocessed plastic materi ...