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An impact-absorbing protective structure comprises one or more compressible cells. Each cell is in the form of a thin-walled plastic enclosure defining an inner, fluid-filled chamber with at least one small orifice through which fluid resistively flows. Each cell includes an initially resistive mech ...

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A protective structure for protecting a body from impact includes an inner layer of relatively flexible material, and which has a plurality of spaced-apart openings extending between opposite faces thereof and a corresponding plurality of protective units. Each protective unit includes a thin-wall, ...

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Headgear of the type having an outer layer and a relatively flexible inner layer includes a belt which extends around the inner layer within the outer layer, and a tensioning device which can tension the belt causing the belt to urge the inner layer inward away from the outer layer and against the h ...

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A hydration container includes a bottle having a selected volume and a bottle cap which includes a drinking nozzle. An indicator bearing a sequence of numbers is moveably mounted to the cap so that any one of the numbers in the sequence may be positioned opposite an index on the cap. Preferably, the ...

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An impact-absorbing compressible member includes a thin-walled enclosure defining an inner chamber containing a volume of fluid such as air. The enclosure includes one or more orifices which as sized and positioned to allow air to vent from the inner chamber in response to an impact on the member an ...