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An authentication system includes a portable information device, such as a smart card, that is configured to store and process multiple different applications. The smart card is assigned its own digital certificate which contains a digital signature from a trusted certifying authority and a unique p ...

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A smart card protection system is provided for protecting against unauthorized access of data contents on a smart card through human or electronic-machine tampering. The smart card protection system includes a smart card having an authorized password stored thereon for associated data and a smart ca ...

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Alternative notification methods for a portable wireless receiver that is able to receive paging objects (i.e., data objects) in addition to conventional alphanumeric page messages. When a paging object is received, the user may be notified of the receipt of the paging object using a visual alert or ...

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The present invention provides a system by which information content data is delivered to a mobile device. The web content is divided into data and script information. The script information is used to operate on the data to render the data in a predetermined format.

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A system and method for receiving wireless information on a portable computing device includes powering a wireless receiver only from a battery of the portable computing device. Receiving wireless information and storing the wireless information in memory of the wireless receiver. The wireless recei ...

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A computer readable medium in a computer system has instructions for storing a first and second data packet destined for the same address. The first and second data packets are appended together to produce a merged data packet that is then compressed to produce a compressed data packet. The compress ...

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The invention includes a time-triggered data object that is formulated at a host computer and transmitted to a PDA such as a personal electronic information manager that has data reception capabilities. The data object includes a specification of an action to be performed as well as a specification ...

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A system controls access to broadcast messages received by a plurality of mobile devices. Selected mobile devices are provided with a broadcast encryption key (BEK). The broadcast messages are encrypted using the BEK prior to broadcasting so that the selected mobile devices containing the BEK can de ...

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In one embodiment, software updates are applied to one or more client computers. The one or more client computers are assigned a level of service governing aspects of the application of the updates. The scheduling of the application of the software updates is done according to the level of service. ...

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Small application programs called “applets” are defined by pseudo-code (p-code) instructions. Each applet is divided into software components that are executed by a processor, operating as a state machine. The applets are originally written in a high level programming language and then converted int ...