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A control system for an engine includes a feedback determination module, a feed-forward determination module, and a valve control module. The feedback determination module generates an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) feedback value based on engine speed and a difference between desired and measured ...

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A fuel injection system for a direct fuel injection engine includes an injection mode module. The injection mode module selects a fuel injection mode to be one of a single injection mode and a dual injection mode. A fuel injection command module transitions between the single and dual injection mode ...

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An internal combustion engine is selectively operative in a spark ignition combustion mode and a controlled auto-ignition combustion mode. An EGR valve operative to control flow of exhaust gas to an intake manifold is monitored, including commanding the EGR valve to a closed position and monitoring ...

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The fuel injection system includes a fuel injector that injects fuel directly into a combustion chamber of a cylinder of an engine. The control module initiates multiple fuel injections in a combustion chamber during a combustion cycle of the cylinder via the fuel injector.

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A method and control system to accomplish knock control on a multi-cylinder spark-ignition internal combustion engine equipped variable cam phasing system, comprising monitoring cam position, crankshaft position, and, engine knock signal, determining cam position relative to crankshaft position, and ...

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A method for transitioning a spark-ignition direct injection internal combustion engine between a controlled auto-ignition combustion mode and a homogeneous spark-ignition combustion mode includes operating the engine in a stratified-charge spark-ignition combustion mode during the transitioning.

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A method and system for controlling an engine includes a spark ignition (SI) control module operating the engine in a spark ignition mode in a high lift valve state and a pre-HCCI control module entering a matching state when homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) mode conditions are met. Wh ...

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An engine cranking system includes fuel injectors that are associated with multiple combustion chambers of an engine. The fuel injectors include a first fuel injector that is associated with a first combustion chamber. A second fuel injector is associated with a second combustion chamber. A control ...

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An engine control system for a homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine includes a fuel injector temperature determination module and a fuel injector control module. The fuel injector temperature determination module determines a temperature of a tip of a fuel injector based on a first t ...

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An oil circulating control system for an engine includes an engine speed module and a mode selection module. The engine speed module determines a speed of the engine. The mode selection module is configured to select a first pressure mode and a second pressure mode of an oil pump of the engine for t ...