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A method is shown for selecting active, or hot, code traces in an executing program for storage in a code cache. A trace is a sequence of dynamic instructions characterized by a start address and a branch history which allows the trace to be dynamically disassembled. Each trace is terminated by exec ...

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A method for executing on a first computer an application having an installed image prepared on a second computer, wherein the installed image is virtually installed on the first computer, is disclosed. The method includes emulating on the first computer a native environment of the second computer. ...

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An apparatus and method are shown for collecting a branch history value of a program executing in a processor. A current start address register latches a program count value in response to a trace termination condition, such as an indirect branch instruction. A current branch history register is cle ...

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An optimization scheme used at run-time or compile-time is capable of identifying partially redundant loads and determining whether the load is truly redundant. The truly redundant load may be replaced with a register copy instruction to reduce the memory traffic and save CPU cycle time.

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A content processor application is loaded into memory from a master image to form a runtime content processor application image. An integration agent dynamically integrates a protection agent into the loaded runtime content processor application image to form a customized content processor applicati ...

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A method and apparatus for selecting hot traces for translation and/or optimization is described in the context of a caching dynamic translator. The code cache stores hot traces. Profiling is done at locations that satisfy a start-of-trace condition, e.g., the targets of backward taken branches. A h ...

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Cache apparatus and method with a cache replacement strategy that preemptively evicts native code translations from a code cache, independent of a space shortage in the code cache. Replacement timing is based on detection by the dynamic translator of a change in a parameter that is indicative of eit ...

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During a process of migrating a source system into a standardized virtual environment, virtual machine instances of the source system executing in a hypervisor are snapshotted as virtual machine images in an operational repository of the hypervisor. The virtual machine images in the operational repo ...

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An application module is rewritten by overwriting executable code at identified authorization points with control transfers to a managed challenge system such that a rewritten application module results. The managed challenge system is constructed to include the overwritten executable code, and perf ...

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In a system and method for linking and unlinking code fragments stored in a code cache, a memory area is associated with a branch in a first code fragment that branches outside the cache. If the branch can be set to branch to a location in a second code fragment stored in the cache, branch reconstru ...