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A novel drug delivery device for administering a drug into the blood circulation comprising a means for positioning a drug supply on the adventitial surface of an intact blood vessel for diffusing the drug into the blood in the blood vessel.

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An interactive drug dispenser which actively controls the pattern in which doses of one or more pharmaceutical preparations are administered to a patient. The dispenser is programmed with information concerning an initial dosing regimen, and monitors deviations from that regimen. The dispenser is ad ...

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In a parenteral delivery system comprising a fluid container (11) attached to a conduit (20) including a drip chamber 18, a formulation chamber (25) containing a formulation to be added to the fluid supply debouches into the conduit downstream of the drip chamber.

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A device for delivering therapeutic agent to a biological environment by diffusion has at least two members (10,20), one (20) of which contains the agent to be delivered, and the other (10), delay member, being substantially devoid of agent. The members are combined just prior to installation, where ...

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Anticholinergic drugs in the form of parenteral therapeutic systems which release these drugs continuously are used for the treatment of hyperacidity and peptic ulcers. The anticholinergic drug may be utropine, homatropine, scopolamine, benzatropine, etybenzatropine, oxyphencyclimine, glycopyrrolate ...

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The novel method (device) is intended to provide accurate information as to whether products have in fact been taken by patients or not. At least one magnetic active substance is added to each of the products administered, which substance is capable of reacting to an external magnetic field generate ...

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ARC 319/801 ABSTRACT A parenteral delivery system and a formulationchamber are disclosed for administering a beneficial agent. The parenteral delivery system comprises a drip chamber anda formulation chamber. The formulation chamber comprisesa wall surrounding an internal space and it has an inletfo ...

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The present invention relates to a system and method for managing a patient treatment program including a prescribed dosing regimen. The system and method develops and/or makes use of a pharmacokinetic model and a pharmacodynamic model and the monitored adherence of the patient to determine if and w ...

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The invention relates to a viewing device for a door which is mounted in an eye-level aperture in the door. The device comprises a frame (2, 8) in which are mounted two movable panels (14, 18). The first, outer, panel is a one-way mirror and the second, inside panel (18) is opaque. The occupant of a ...