Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Gas-flow device for automatic shotguns. Fabbrica D′Armi Pietro Beretta S p A, McGlew and Tuttle P C, January 21, 2003: US06508160 (29 worldwide citation)

This is a gas-flow device for semiautomatic or automatic shotguns, which consists of a gas-flow cylinder, closed at the front part by a flange with gas discharge ports (

Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Additional safety device for sear mechanism for firearms. Fabbrica D armi Pietro Beretta S p A, Hedman & Costigan PC, James V Costigan, May 8, 2007: US07213359 (18 worldwide citation)

A sear mechanism for firearms comprises a sear box 12, and an additional safety device to prevent the hammer 16 from releasing accidentally and to fire under the action of inertial forces acting along the direction of the axis of the barrel in case of impact of the firearm, the additional safety dev ...

Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Casing for firearms. Fabbrica d Armi Pietro Beretta S p A, James V Costigan, May 2, 2006: US07036259 (16 worldwide citation)

A casing for firearms, comprising a metal sleeve (15) on which is stably applied, through attachment means, a barrel (12), an inner element (14) made from polymeric material for the anchoring of said sleeve (15) and an outer shell (13) made from polymeric material, is realised through successive ove ...


Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Device for extracting and ejecting a cartridge case in a firearm. Fabbrica D Armi Pietro Beretta S p A, Hedman & Costigan P C, November 22, 2005: US06966137 (13 worldwide citation)

A device for extracting and ejecting a cartridge case in a firearm applied to a breechblock equipped with windows (17) on opposite sides, comprises an extraction element (19), equipped with an engagement means (28) suitable for holding a cartridge case (15), and an ejector element (20), equipped wit ...

Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Precision device for hand guns. Fabbrica D Armi P Beretta S p A, McGlew and Tuttle P C, September 14, 1999: US05952602 (12 worldwide citation)

A precision device for semiautomatic handguns, of the type that includes a single block barrel and recoil obturator carriage (11,12), where the barrel is susceptible to axial movement relative to the obturator carriage. On a cylindrical section (16) of the barrel, an alignment bush (17) is mounted, ...

Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Butt pad made of composite material for firearms. Fabbrica D&apos Armi Pietro Beretta S p A, McGlew and Tuttle P C, July 22, 2003: US06594935 (11 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a butt pad for the stock of an individual firearm held against the shoulder, such as a shotgun, a sporting firearm, a military firearm, whether smoothbore or rifled which is made up of an external sheath or housing (

Ugo Gussalli Beretta: Firearm grip, particularly of a gun. Fabrica D Armi Pietro Beretta S p A, Hogan Lovells US, July 6, 2010: US07748153 (10 worldwide citation)

A grip (10) of a firearm (12), particularly of a gun, comprises a body (14) extending substantially in a development direction (16) and a gripping portion (20) removably mounted on the body (14) in a rear area with reference to a trigger of the weapon. The gripping portion (20) at least partially en ...