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Absorptive articles such as catamenial napkins and disposable diapers have improved properties if the fluid-absorptive material of such articles are formed at least in part of compressed cellulose-based sponge sheet obtained by comprising cellulose-based sponge.

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The present invention is relative to a system enabling a through operation between a mileage system and an electronic money system. The mileage system is such a system in which mile points as distance points corresponding to the flight distance of an aircraft are accumulated and exchanged for boardi ...

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(EN) It is intended to provide a glycemic controlling agent which promotes or inhibits glucose intake via the P2Y2 receptor in the skeletal muscle to thereby control the blood glucose level.(JA) 本発明は、骨格筋においてP2Y2受容体を介して糖取り込みを促進または阻害することにより血糖を調節する剤を提供する。

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A sheet type large display unit (1) has a predetermined number of display dots (3) made of light emitting elements (3b) disposed in matrix manner relative to a display structure (2, 5). Each of the display dots (3) has one or more light emitting elements (3b) mounted on a printed circuit board (3a), ...

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The surge absorber is composed of a microgap type surge absorbing element 4 and a varistor 5 electrically connected in series to each other, the varistor having a varistor voltage lower than the nominal voltage of a line to be protected and a voltage non-linearity factor alpha satisfying an inequali ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve quality of the products for an aligning device of optical parts, in which an optical part and another optical part are aligned and then joined, by suppressing deviation in the locations of the both parts while adhesive material is solidified.SOLUTION: An aligning dev ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for producing a liquid cleaning agent capable of effectively dissolving a high-concentrated surfactant without having troubles of forming undissolved lumps and gelation of the high-concentrated surfactant when a liquid cleaning agent is produced by dissolvin ...

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(EN) A transpiration inhibitor which contains, as the active ingredient, a nucleic acid encoding a heat shock protein originating in a salt-tolerant blue-green alga; a transpiration inhibitor which contains a nucleic acid encoding a protein selected form among a protein/enzyme participating in the c ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a data update processor, a data update processing method and a data update processing program for efficiently performing update of a database or program data used in a client terminal.SOLUTION: When a program is started, a client terminal 10A transmits a request for ...